Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Which is better running or walking?

Many of us think that walking is better than running when it comes about getting fit and obtaining a good health. But if believe the researchers, jogging is the easiest and fastest way to fitness and good health (From Hindustan Times).

Yes, that's true. According to a latest study in Britain, Walking, gardening or moving around the park or nearby market is not enough to keep you fit and fine. You can achieve maximum benefit from other hard physical activities like jogging, running or playing tennis.

People have been misled into a thinking that they have to do little bit of hovering or gardening for their fitness but that's not the case at all. It is true that fast walking has its health benefits but other strong physical activities like running, jogging and playing tennis etc has the potential to save you from many diseases.

The researchers from the University of Exeter came to this conclusion after carrying out a study on 1200 adults in Britain. Study finds that exercises can reduce the risk of many forms of cancer like prostate and color cancer.

With this running strengthens heart, slashes risk of cardio-vascular disease, reduces risk of blood clot, and lowers cholesterol levels. "The bottom line is that people should be physically active wherever possible. They should try to walk to work and take the stairs rather than the lift. To minimize their risk of disease, they should also include some vigorous activity three or more times a week".