Wednesday, October 17, 2007

One out of four children overweight when start school

According to the latest figures available, one out of every 4 children is already overweight when he/she goes to the school for the first time. And these figures become more dangers in some areas where one out of every three children is overweight by the time they finished their primary schools at the age of 11 (The Daily Mail UK).

A snapshot shows that young people are getting more and more obese despite Government pledge to act. These figures are part of the survey of children's weight by the Department of Health.

The figure shows that Isle is facing the biggest weight problem. In Isle, approx 30 percent of children are already overweight or obese when they start their schools and the figures rises to 34 percent by the time they leave their primary schools.

Right now, the information about child obesity is available only via request to parents. But now Government is thinking of making it a routine to inform parents about child obesity quite often.