Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Too much TV watching increase blood pressure in children

According to the researchers here in US, watching too much of TV may not only make children them fatty, it may increase their blood pressure as well. The researchers found that children who watch TV for four hours or more have three times more chances of having high blood pressure compared to the children who watch TV for two hours or less in a day (Via – Yahoo News).

In the past we go through many studies, which indicates strong relationship between watching TV and obesity. This is the first ever study showing strong link between TV watching and high blood pressure. Obesity rate is on increase among children and also increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. And high blood pressure in children has been rising in right along with obesity rates.

This study included 546 children and teens of ages 4 to 17. Their height and weight were recorded to know their BMI and their blood pressure was also recorded at weight management clinics from 2003 to 2005.

This study suggests that parents need to limit their children watching TV especially for children who are already obese or have high blood pressure. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children TV watching to fewer that two hours.