Monday, September 28, 2009

What www.wpdesigner. Com Is All About was established by Tung Do in May 2006. It is a blog that intends to help you develop WordPress themes and to improve your blog’s performance with the help of code and design tweaks. It offers you free WordPress themes of high quality. was started as a simple place where free themes were released but it has gradually turned into a blog, which covers almost everything from WordPress themes to general web development topics. Some of the very popular themes offered by Tung are JWM, Greed, Digg 3 Coloumns, Peaceful Rush and the latest being Gluttony.

It not just offers you more than 50 WordPress themes but it also has multiple articles on how to create a WordPress theme scratch. Recently, WordPress themes club has been launched so that Tung Do can give more time into innovating and giving theme support.

A web hosting service allows individuals and organizations to make their own websites accessible via World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use as well as provide internet connectivity. helps you in all aspects relating to hosting services. has features to deal with all your queries. It has an option called “Hosting Resources” wherein topics like Basic guide to web hosting, guide to switching web hosts, how to pick a web host, E-commerce guide, choosing a web designer firm are included. As you can see that all possible regions in the arena of web hosting are dealt with on the blog.

Another important guide available on the blog is “Hosting Terminology”.

Under this head, all the big and small hosting terms are explained. In short, it can be called a Glossary of hosting terms. With this, the site becomes easily readable by also a beginner. Even those who are new to this world can make use of this blog for all their questions and seek suggestions and guidelines. displays a list of most up-to-date Top 10 best web hosting sites which are rated by price, server up-time, reliability, ease-of-use, control panel and costumer care support. This list can prove to be of great help for those who are looking for guidance to choose the best of all the web-hosting companies available. The current list has bluehost,, Super Green hosting,,, hostgator unlimited domains, www., go and Yahoo web hosting

“Word Press Resources” is another important feature of the blog. I should rather call it the most special one. Under this head, all the personal services that this blog has to offer are quoted. The head consists of Club themes, WordPress themes, market place, tips, tutorials, Word Press etc. Tung Do also holds various contests on the blog and the winner of the contests get free themes as prize. The site displays all the details of the contests held and contests which are lined up for future. Another option titled as “WWMD” is very special as it lays out for you the ways to create unique blog designs.

There is a separate title named as “ best of wpdesigner” which contains subjects like how to create a WordPress theme, how to put your best content forward, one way to use custom fields, WordPress button, Premium theme buying tips and WordPress checklist. In addition to this, there is a separate coloumn where it displays its recent entries.

To conclude the review, one thing would be enough to summarize everything that I have to is the guide to all your web-hosting troubles. Make use of it and stand out from others.