Saturday, October 27, 2007

Vigorous exercise improves Overweight kids thinking

According to a report from US researchers, 3 months of vigorous exercise can help overweight kids thinking. The team of US researchers who monitored 200 overweight, inactive children of ages 7 to 11 says that physical activities can help kids lower their diabetes risk, reduces their body fat, and strengthen their bones (Via - Yahoo News).

All of the overweight kids were made to learn about the benefits of healthy nutrition and physical activities. Among the kids involved in the research, a third of them exercised for 20 minutes a day, another one third exercised for 40 minutes a day. During the exercise sessions, the children played running games and used hula hoops and jump ropes to get their heart rates to 79 percent of maximum -- considered a vigorous workout.

"Is exercise a magic wand that turns them into lean, healthy kids? No. They are still overweight but less so, with less fat, a healthier metabolism and an improved ability to handle life," lead investigator Dr. Catherine Davis, a clinical health psychologist at the Medical College of Georgia, in Augusta, said in a prepared statement. "We hope these findings will help persuade policymakers, schools and communities that time spent being physically active enhances, rather than detracts from learning," Davis said.