Monday, October 15, 2007

Lily Allen drops her size from 12 to 8 with Susan Hepburn help

Lily Allen hypnotism to lose weight Lily Allen has been able to drop her size from 12 to 8 with the help of Susan Hepburn, who she thinks had made her mind to enjoy organic foods and her visits to the gym. After getting help from Susan, Allen is really happy with her new look and prefers to go to the gym daily, which she in the past did not love to go (From The Daily Mail).

Allen Lily is not the only celebrity who has adopted hypnotism to lose weight. Many celebrities like model Sophie Dahl, singer Geri Halliwell and the Duchess of York also used hypnotism successfully to lose weight in the past.

Susan Hepburn is a hypnotist,who runs a clinic in self improvement techniques. Susan charges £300 for one-hour advice about weight loss treatment and self-hypnosis.

Now lets see what Ms Susan has to say about Allen: "Lily was great, a really nice girl. I'm glad I could help."


Anonymous said...

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