Monday, October 1, 2007

Helen loses more than 5 stones with Weight Watcher

Helen Downie was able to lose more than 5 stones in a year time with the help of experts at weight watchers. She Was able to bring her dress size from 20 to 10 or 12 just by cutting the snacks, eating a balanced diet and doing some exercises.

Helen, who is the mother of three kids, was motivated by one of friend to do something for her weight loss. Her friend just told her that it is the best time for her to lose some extra pounds as she is already 40 and she will never be able loses it if she does not lose it right now.

She then decided not be make further excuses and to do something to lower her waistline. Helen now at the age of 41 realized that it was best decision she took in her life.

She was greatly helped the experts at weight watcher. She was asked to include more fruits and vegetables to her diet at weight watcher.

She said: "I feel a different woman, I feel as though I've got my life back, more energy and confidence - everyone comments on how much younger I look - and to be honest I feel younger."