Friday, October 12, 2007

Obese couple loses more than 500 pounds in between to get fit

Dawn Marie and Frankie are happy newlyweds. Both of them in combine lost 550 pounds. Dawn Marie has been able to bring her dress size from 30 to 8 and Frankie has dropped his dress size from 78 to size 36.

Marie and Frankie now can share a pair of his old jeans. Frankie old shirts look too big like a bed sheet and his belt was more than seven feet long.

Four years ago, the couple decided to switch from obese to fit Together. At that time, Marie was 400 pounds and Frankie was 555 pounds. Both of them were inspired to lose big pounds after the death of Frankie sister who was 27 years old with a weight of 700 pounds.

Both of them went through gastric bypass surgery. After the surgery, both Frankie and Marie have adopted healthy diets and do exercises regularly. The couple has been able to lose big amount of pounds.

In combined, both of them lost 550 pounds. Marie is now 160 pounds and Frankie is now 235 pounds.


Frankie & Dawn Marie Hveen said...

This is a comment from Frankie and Dawn Marie. We thank you so so much for the love and support you and everyone has shown us. This is only the beginning of our beautiful journey together. We love inspiring people and we know this is what we ARE born to do. We will be releasing our deepest letters and poetry to the world, so everyone can know we have been there. We have been morbidly obese, depressed, and in the darkness way too long and now we are ready to shine. We are grateful to help anyone who is ready. Our email address is Dreams do come true....God Bless.

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