Saturday, October 20, 2007

Conference for discussing world obesity problem

Around 1800 researchers are gathering in New Orleans to discuss the issues related to the epidemic like growing problem of obesity. More than 300 studies will be discussed during the conference (Via Yahoo News).

Between 64 to 66 percent of adults here in US are overweight. Worldwide more than one billion adults are overweight and there are at least 300 million obese people on the planet.

In Europe, Britain leads with an obesity rate of 23 percent, Germany with 12 percent and Italy with eight percent of obesity rate, according to a study by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

During the four-day conference, scientists will review genetic research and how modifying genes can affect weight, the retention of body fat and appetite.


Dr.Ronald Wills said...

Obesity is certainly a growing problem. Over the last 20 years, obesity in adults has rocketed with more than 60% in men and 50% in women. And the signs are that this problem won't improve. In children aged between 2 and 15, 28% of girls and 22% of boys are overweight.