Sunday, October 21, 2007

Keely and Kyle lose more than 100 pounds with weight watchers

Brother and sister Kyle and Keely NeSmith of Statesboro, were named second place winners of Weight Watchers “2007 Inspiring Stories of the Year.” They were given American Express gift certificates and Weight Watchers products. Both Keely and Kyle were able to lose 105 pounds in six to eight months period with Weight Watchers.

Kyle and Keely works together for their NeSmith Constructions. It was Keely who made her bother Kyle to come with her. As "She wanted someone to go with her and, since we work together and eat lunch together every day, I guess she thought I was the best candidate for the job,"

After losing the weight with Weight Watchers, Kyle was feeling much better and was able to do things couldn’t do before. Lisa Craig public relations director for the Southeast Region of Weight Watchers, said, "One of the things we loved about their story was that they worked together and that they helped each other succeed,” said Craig. “We were delighted to have them attend weight watchers together. They are great representatives of our program."

Both Kyle and Keely said the biggest benefit they achieved after joining Weight Watchers was the education they get about eating properly.

"We learned that even fast food could be healthy. We’re always on the go - but you can find healthy alternatives at fast food restaurants,” said Keely. “I always thought, ‘ugh, who wants a salad or a grilled chicken sandwich,’ but they’re pretty good. Once you get your mindset that it’s good and you don’t need a lot of food to fill you up, it worked. We found things that we’re very healthy and that were good, but we didn’t know existed before we joined Weight Watcher’s."

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