Friday, October 26, 2007

Justin Hall lose 40 pounds with Chipotle Diet

Justin Hall, who started the Chipotle diet three months back, claimed that he had so far get success in losing 40 pounds with this diet.

Hall said the Chipotle Diet delivers results. The burrito keeps him satisfied for nearly 24 hours, before he needs another. "In three days, it'll be three months on the dot and I have lost 40 pounds," Hall said. "I used to wear XXL shirts, now I'm down to XL," he said. "I'm down 4 notches on my belt so far. And my wedding ring can now fit on my thumb."

Hall is not doing any exercising but he has limited his daily soda intake and drinks more water and take multivitamins during the day. Hall is planning to go head with Chipotle diet by the end of this year and is also aiming at losing 70 pounds.

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