Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two third of people in Shropshire Overweight

Shropshire Overweight Public health specialist, Dr Kevin Lewis from Shropshire’s primary trust confirmed that two third of people in Shropshire are overweight. Dr Kevin told BBC News that the environment people are living is "not helpful".

The statistics follow a national report into obesity, which said the government, must act to stop Britain "sleepwalking" into a crisis. "It's about the way we live our life, the way society is configured. The way we live is not helpful."


Ada said...

In my opinion, not only the goverment but also we ourselves should act to stop this problem. I say so because in my research of why people get obese on the big people on i find out a sad truth that actually most of the people become overweight without realizing it while there is a lot we can do.