Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fast food banned in LA

fast food banned in Los Angles
Los Angles Council is thinking of banning the new fast food restaurants there. The main reason for banning the fast foods restaurants will be to stop the obesity problem among people there, which is approx 30 percent right now. Because the people behavior in the city is just to eat whatever is available without thinking about its health prospective.

Although somehow there’s a truth about this matter, but can’t we protect ourselves to select better food? Are we too much lazy or dumb that we need Government involvement to standardize what we eat?

The movement of Government has already started. For example, by not issuing liquor licenses, no smoking in restaurants, even foie grass is banned in Chicago only for ethical reason.

So when the Government is issuing the instruction, the dumb people in the city will be saved from obesity. Maybe swapping Colonel or the Red hair clown to Thomas Keller, may appeal our sense of culture.

But are we going to be slimmer because of it?