Monday, November 26, 2007

Tabitha Coy loses 334 pounds

Tabitha Coy Tabitha Coy who was overweight and who always tried to hide her weight in baggy clothes and big hairs. But it was five years back; she decided she was done being fat. And when Tabitha a resident from Panama City decided to lose weight, she was 497 pounds on her scale with 58-inch waistline and wore size 64 pants.

But today after 5 hard years of diet and exercising, she weighs 163 pounds with an incredible weight loss 334 pounds with 28-inch waistline and wears 10 size pants. And how she can fit her both legs into one leg of her pant she used to wear before weight loss.

Tabitha is looking to lose another 13pounds to reach her ultimate goal of 150 pounds. After her failure with weight watchers, she developed her own diet plan. Check complete Tabitha Coy weight loss story here.


chronicgymchick said...

Hi. I'm Tabitha Coy. Feel free to contact me. I lost weight the healthy way. I did not starve myself. I used the Food Guide Pyramid. This is not about dieting. It is about LIFESTYLE change. I have maintained my weight loss for nearly 1 year.

For all of you who are battling weight issues, you can do it! Good luck!

kb3301 said...

Hi Tabitha, excellent story, your are an inpiration to all of us. You said you used the food guid pyramid to complete your weight loss. Did your trainer not complete a dietary analysis, or suggest a nutritional program for you to follow?