Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hollywood star Jon Favreau loses 85 pounds

Hollywood star Jon Favreau According to a latest report, Hollywood star Jon Favreau has been able to lose 85 pounds with the help of diet prescribed by his wife doctor.

"I finally said to her one day, 'I think at my age -- I was pushing 40 at the time -- that this is not the weight my body wants to be.' And she said, 'Well, you can lose weight,'" Favreau, now 41, told People magazine. "I went to Joya because she has always been my partner."

According to magazine, Jon was able to lose 5 pounds a week and was able to drop his weight from 290 pounds to 205 pounds.

"I would feel weird if I ate the way I used to," said Favreau, the star of "Swingers" and "The Replacements," and director of "Elf" and "Zathura."