Thursday, November 1, 2007

Exercise and diet makes obese children strong and agile

A recent study shows that obese children who lose their weight through diet and exercise may become stronger and more agile in this process. German researchers found that the program that was based on physical activity and diet education was not only able to help children lose pounds but was also able to build their stamina, power, balance and coordination.

This study is pointing towards the importance of exercise in fighting against the problem of obesity among children. More and more children are becoming overweight main reason being lack of physical activities. Most children prefer to play video games or watching TV in place of outdoor riding bikes and playing games.

The parents also need to be more active so that their children can adopt their good healthy habits.


Ashok Ramesh said...

Once again you’ve produced another post which busts through the nonsense that is out there around health and food.
More needs to be done to encourage people to eat healthily and knowledge is key because the companies selling packaged food are selling a product and not necessarily the truth.
Thanks for sharing such a wealth of knowledge with us. Keep on being controversial appropriately. We need more truth and less hype. I got a wonderful product from weight loss pills

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