Tuesday, November 6, 2007

6 ways for women to remain healthy

Women can decrease their chances of being obese or overweight to great extent by reducing their calorie intake and remaining physically active. By following low calorie diets and regular exercises, they may be able to save themselves from many life taking diseases related to heart and some form of cancers. Everyday health has given some tips that every women should follow to remain physically active and for healthy eating:

  1. Eat breakfast - Always starts your day with healthy breakfast

  2. Remain physically active - Try to be physically active during the whole day. Do not forget to take a walk in the morning. Use elevator instead of stairs wherever possible. Go for a small walk immediately after doing lunch and dinner.

  3. Choosing healthy snacks - Always make healthy choices when making the choices about snacks.

  4. Work up a sweat - A few times a week, you should work so hard that you work up a sweat.

  5. Make balanced food choices - Choosing foods will help you get all of the nutrients you need without taking in too many calories.

  6. Take healthy food and physical activities as fun - Chose healthy foods you love and play adventures games with your friends.