Friday, November 16, 2007

Male stars at Sex & the City asked to lose weight

David Eigenberg lose weight The male starts at Sex & the City have been asked by their bosses to lose some weight. Producers had fears that their aging hunks were getting a little paunchy and so they were all told to lose some weight before shooting began last month.

David Eigenberg, who has played Steve Brady, the husband of Cynthia Nixon's character Miranda Hobbes, accepts that he was told to lose some weight.

He reveals, "It's harder to be a man on Sex & the City than a woman.” They (producers) can't tell the women to lose weight. They tell the guys to lose weight. They told me to lose a couple of pounds." And Eigenberg tool the comment of losing fat seriously: "You should have seen me three months ago. I was fat. I dropped 20 pounds."

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ASSE Germany 1996-1997 said...

Yay! Steve is coming back!!

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