Thursday, November 22, 2007

No food diets for losing weight

A latest survey suggests that women of modern age do not prefer to eat low calorie foods but prefers not to eat at all as a way to lose weight and try to follow skinny celebrities. The survey that was carried on 1000 women of average age 23 shows that nine out of 10 women had gone on to starve themselves for a day, another 30 percent had gone without eating for two or more days and 7 percent women gone ahead without eating for more than four days.

Most of the women might think that the most of celebrities lose their weights with “no food” diets. One out of five women admits that they follow the pattern of eating for a day followed by non-eating day. 47 percent of women have the view that they eat only one meal a day and they are following this pattern from the age of 15.

But the amount of weight being lost by women on no-eat diets is minimal with average weight loss of 2 pounds only and 86 percent of them get that weight back.