Friday, November 30, 2007

Boys of 12 using anabolic steroids to get girls

Boys of 12 using anabolic steroids Government advisers in Britain have warned that young boys of even 12 and 13 are using anabolic steroids to beef their bodies in a bid to “get girls”. According to a latest figure, 2 Lack people have tried bodybuilding anabolic steroids in Britain that includes large number of teenage boys.

The Advisory Council called for Government awareness program on the misuse of drugs on the health hazards. Steroids can make the testicles wither and cause sterility.

The council is checking the legal status of a list of 26 steroids and other substances that are not banned in Britain. It is against law to import or provide anabolic steroids but having them for personal use is not against law.

Lord Victor Adebowale, a member of the advisory council and chief executive of the drugs charity Turning Point said: "This stuff isn't being used just by people who want to be athletes, but by people who want to be in boy bands and get girls."