Monday, December 24, 2007

698 pounds man die of heart attack after stomach surgery

Carlos Marroquin 47 who weighed 698 died of heart attack after going through an operation to remove 80 percent of his stomach fat in an effort to lose weight.

Surgeon Isaias Sandigo who was involved in the operation told the Associated press, Carlos was so heavy that the hospital workers had to use a forklift to place him on the operation table.

He had two heart attacks in 20 minutes, there was nothing we could have done for him, Sandigo said. He said Marroquin's heart and kidneys had begun failing even before the procedure.


Dan Boyle said...

Yeah this is a sad situation for somebody to put themselves into. I hate saying this, but this will probably be all the more recurring since the "obesity epidemic" seems to be growing.

Interesting post and I will check back frequently.

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