Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How ex-smokers can control their weight?

ex-smokers This is fact that 80 percent of people who quit smoking gain weight. So which is a worse situation being a smoker or being an overweight?

None of the situation is good from the health prospective as smoking and obesity may lead to cancer. So as a smoker you have to quit smoking and escape from getting overweight. Everyday Health has given some tips that ex smokers can try to control their weight:

  • Try to keeps your fat eating within limits. Most food items have labels about the amount of fat they contain. Choose low fat foods

  • Focus on food you can eat and not on the foods you should not eat. Make an habit of including more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans in your daily eating routine

  • If you have the urge to snack, snack on fruits and vegetables

  • Avoid high calorie sweet foods

  • Make changes in your eating habits. If you used to have cigarette after every meal, change it to a herbal tea after meals

  • Maintain a food diary to keep track of what you eat during the day. By maintaining a food diary, you will have better idea about how much you are eating and how much you should have eaten.


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