Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Healthy eating and cardiovascular exercise helping teens to lose weight

exercise and healthy eating for losing weight Six Harlow youngsters have been able to lose five stones in total following a strict health and fitness plan. Enzo Martino, owner of The Body Active Gym, in The Stow, Harlow, chose these six teens. And these youngsters were kept on a cardiovascular exercise and healthy eating plans to lose weight.

Zoe Shaw who is 15 years of age loses the maximum amount of weight in the whole group. She has been able to lose 19 pounds since she started this programme. "I'm making good progress," she said. "I had to lose weight because of a liver problem which has improved since I've been coming here. I want to lose another 9lb before Christmas."

Anthony Fuller age 14 has lost 16 pounds following the healthy eating and exercise program. "I'm more aware of what I'm eating and the diet of my whole family has changed and become healthier," he said.

Charlotte Church age 13 has lost 13 pounds since she joined this programme in September. "I'm coming to the gym three times a week and I feel much fitter," she said. "I've started eating foods that actually fill me up and a lot more fruit and vegetables."

Leyorla who has been joined this programme one month back has lost 4 pounds. "The classes are good fun," she said."I notice what I eat more and I've been using the treadmill and the cross trainer here at the gym. My aim is to lose two stone."

Enzo Martino, the owner of the gym has been helping the youngsters about their diets and exercise and is really happy with teen’s progress. "Over the last six weeks they've all worked really hard," he said. "Together we've set targets for over Christmas and in the New Year we'll change the exercise regime.


Brooklyn said...

Oh thats great... The decision to carry out a physical fitness program cannot be taken lightly. It requires a lifelong commitment of time and effort which these kids have shown. And if there is a personal trainer like Enzo Martino then teens have to succeed.

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