Sunday, January 6, 2008

Top 100 calorie burning way-outs

Most of us have tends to be too busy that they have hardly any time for their health. We have hours of time to watch TV, Play computer games, Internet surfing and sitting inactive at home. But we don’t have 30 or 40 minutes for our health and fitness; that looks really astonishing.

Whatever may be the reason, we have to give 30 or 40 minutes at least to exercising for staying fit and fine. Exercising not only help us to keep our weight under control but also helps in staying away from many of diseases which can be really dangers to our overall health.

Every small effort counts when it comes about exercising. There are some workouts that take only few minutes to perform, but helps you in burning 100’s of calories. Here’re favorite ways of burning 100 calories:

  1. Vacuuming for 25 minutes around your home helps in burning 100 calories.

  2. Working in your garden for some minutes can help you in burning 100’s of calories.

  3. A brisk walk for 15 minutes can help you in burning 100 calories.

  4. Dancing for 20 minutes at a moderate pace can help you in burning 100 calories.

  5. Ironing for 25 minutes will help you in burning 100 calories.

  6. Playing badminton for 20 minutes will help you get the mark of 100 calories

  7. Playing volleyball for 12 minutes can help you in touching the magic number.

  8. Playing golf even for 20 minutes will help you to get the target.

  9. Washing your car for 20 minutes will help you in burning calories as well as save some dollars

  10. A 30-minute of Frisbee toss with your friends or kids will help you.

  11. Use stairs instead of elevator. Using stairs for 20 minutes at different times will help you get the magic figure.

  12. 20 minutes of painting experience will burn calorie as well as help in giving a new look to your house.

  13. 15 minutes of vigorous weight training will help you in burning 100 calories.

  14. 10 minutes of cycling.

  15. 15 minutes exercise by skipping ropes

  16. Walking up and down on the stairs for 30 minutes

  17. Love to spend time with your dog. Playing 30 minutes with your dog will help you in burning calories.

  18. Ice skating for 20 minutes

  19. Doing some cleaning work at home for 25 minutes

  20. Lifting lightweights for 30 minutes.

  21. Even playing catching for 35 minutes will help in burning 100 calories.

  22. Window shopping for 40 minutes

  23. Running one mile in 10 minutes will help in burning 100’s of calories.

  24. 10 minutes of brisk walk on a treadmill


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Dan said...

I think you hit on a really good theme of finding time to actually workout.

I always here people say to me... I have no time to workout and I always have so much to do.

Well if people just took 30 min. out of watching TV them they would have time the transform their entire life..

Interesting post... I like it.

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